My Why


On The Road To Minimalism

Knowing what you own



I might be a bit radical when it comes to sustainability. On on hand, I don’t believe that are those tiny actions we are taught in school that will save the planet. On the other hand, sure, if thousands, millions, billions of people do them, there will be a change. But, what about the big companies out there who don’t give a damn to their toxic emissions and keep exploring nonrenewable resources? Those are the real bad guys. I admit I don’t know much about the topic nor what we, mere mortals, can do to help in a significant way.

For now, I’m starting with:

  1. ♻️ Reducing plastic (while shopping, being more conscious when buying certain products). For instance, I now choose body soap and shampoo bars.
  1. 👕 Clothes (being mindful of every purchase). For instance, I now have a list of all the clothes I own, and make a very deliberated thought before purchasing.
  1. 💸 Consuming less (stop buying stuff you don’t really need). For instance, I still go to Etsy for handmade gifts instead of the big players, and like I do for clothes, I have a list of everything I own and think twice about every purchase.
  1. Being myself (it’s easy to get caught up in the fast-buying society for appearances or trends. When you get comfortable with yourself and your values, you’ll make more sustainable choices). My resolution for life: keep working on your self-esteem, setting up standards, and loving yourself!
  1. 🍔 Eat less meat (I haven’t managed yet to become a vegetarian due to quick lost of weight and finances, though I have stopped eating red meat since 2016 with exceptions). In 2022, I have significantly reduced my consumption of chicken and I am thinking of becoming a pescatarian.