🎨 Art

Alongside writing, my interest for art or “starting to create art” came from a feeling of need. A need to entertain myself, to relax, to expel visual ideas, to have fun. My preferences within rely on drawing, painting (acrylics), collages, clay, and carpentry (limited).

One of my vivid memories is an afternoon spent with my grandfather. He was in a wheelchair and as going out would be complicated, we’d spent a lot of time together at home, either he watching political debates while I was learning to write my first words on those magnetic drawing boards, or drawing. This was the only drawing from him I kept across time; here he was teaching me about perspectives, hence the house. The flower is also his.

I used to keep all my drawings in those accordion folders but I ended up tossing away my kindergarten ones. As for the rest, I kept them saved and in 2016 created my first blog hosting them at lethebirdfly.blogspot.com.

In 2017 I started painting on canvas, only in 2019 have I discovered DeviantArt (which is my favorite art platform), and in 2020 I started to learn about human proportions.

The love for creation influenced 99% of my family, Christmas, or birthday gifts. It also helped me make my first humble first earnings of 19€ by the age of 10 selling clay pieces to friends at school.

As for artists, there’s not just one I specifically adore, rather loads. But Leonardo Da Vinci and Tamara de Lempicka have a special place in my heart. Other of my favorites include Dimitra Milan, Humid Peach, GustavoReiPanda, ryodrigo, Kobra, flowsofly, Mad Dog Jones, Ana Ventura, Alexisrakun, Loish, Donutinha, AngelGanev, Claire Basl, Carolina Bonani, OSGEMEOS, and the Portuguese collective Explicit Citizens.