I might be a bit radical when it comes to sustainability. On on hand, I don’t believe that are those tiny actions we are taught in school that will save the planet. On the other hand, sure, if thousands, millions, billions of people do them, there will be a change. But, what about the big companies out there who don’t give a damn to their toxic emissions? (even though they say they do care). Those are the real bad guys. I admit I don’t know much about the topic nor what we, mere mortals, can do to help in a significant way.

For now, I’m starting with:

  1. ♻️ Reducing plastic (while shopping, being more conscious when buying certain products)
  2. 👕 Clothes (being mindful of every purchase)
  3. 💸 Consuming less (it’s incredibly easy to just buy on websites like Amazon for stuff you don’t really need. I still go to Etsy for handmade gifts; I’m trying to stop buying from the big players)
  4. Being myself (it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the fast-buying society for appearances or trends. When you get comfortable with yourself and your ideals, you’ll make more sustainable choices)
  5. 🍔 Eat less meat (I haven’t managed to become a vegetarian, though I have stopped eating red meat since 2016 with meal exceptions)
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